By Jun Sochi, Managing Director, C&W Services Singapore

In February 2018, the Singapore Government launched its Real Estate Industry Transformation Map (ITM), with specific focus on facilities management and property transaction services. The Real Estate ITM has two broad thrusts: (a) Embrace innovation and leverage technology and (b) Strengthen professionalism and upskill workforce.

Under the facilities management (FM) focus of the Real Estate ITM, the adoption of Smart FM solutions has become a buzzword but what exactly are Smart FM solutions? They can range from intelligent energy management to digital technology to optimise maintenance activities, ultimately leading to greater cost savings and productivity. Effective implementation of these smart FM solutions can help companies manage the efficiencies and productivity of their facilities and workspaces.

At C&W Services Singapore, our focus on applying new and smart FM solutions is a critical aspect of our business and operations. We have been implementing smart FM solutions for our customers for over 15 years, starting with intelligent energy management and now leveraging drones and digital technology to optimize maintenance activities.

From an industry perspective, there are still many factors to consider in order for effective implementation of smart FM solutions to happen.  Building owners and occupiers still need to fully understand and create an optimal infrastructure and environment for adoption of these smart solutions. Financial investment and keeping up with the fast-changing needs of the workforce are also important considerations. In addition, given the speed at which technology evolves and the growing numbers of technology start-ups in the market, the appeal and penetration of technology solutions in the FM space will evolve rapidly.

Having the best and most modern technology solution is not enough to build a smart FM world. Technology is only an enabler of smart FM solutions. We still need to have facility managers and teams that are able to implement these smart technology solutions in their day-to-day work, which means there is a need for training and upskilling. Furthermore, with the new dynamics in today’s work environment, facility managers also have to be able to provide a holistic service that goes beyond technical operations to encompass workplace experience and well-being.

Jun Sochi is the Managing Director of C&W Services Singapore.