C&W Services has established itself as an Integrated Energy Solutions Provider, offering unique end-to-end energy services to serve the individual
requirements of energy retailers and building owners.

Integrated end-to-end energy services

Being the first Facilities Management Company to be recognised as an Energy Services Company (ESCO) for over a decade, we have pioneered many sustainable projects for our clients throughout Asia Pacific.

C&W Services blends a powerful combination of energy management and green building solutions with facilities management services to deliver a comprehensive suite of energy efficient and sustainable value propositions.

We are a brand independent ESCO. We provide objective, conflict-free advice and customise energy solutions aimed at reaching our clients‘ energy and sustainability goals.

C&W Services offers a compelling energy services model to address the requirements of energy retailers and building owners. Our constant pursuit for new green technologies, coupled with the development of unique energy management strategies, creates distinctive competitive values and energy cost savings for different groups of clients.

This consistent innovation has also earned C&W Services a market leadership in green building consultancy for existing buildings, covering all industries – offices, retail, hospitality, healthcare, sports, industrial and logistics in Asia.

C&W Services understands the fundamentals in both demand-side and supply-side of the energy market. With in-house capabilities to analyse the impacts, develop strategies and execute plans to minimise risk associated with price fluctuations, we guide our clients, each step along the way, towards achieving their energy goals.

To date, we have active accounts of more than 120 buildings in Singapore, serving more than 10,000 tenants and managing over USD 300 million worth of energy contracts. Our relentless efforts in innovating sustainable solutions have resulted in achieving over USD 20 million in energy-cost savings for our clients.


  • Procurement & Advisory 
  • Metering & Arrears Management
  • Energy Audit & Consultancy
  • Performance Contracting
  • Green Mark & LEED Certification
  • Green Technology
  • Energy Management System
  • Carbon Credits Management
  • Programmatic clean development mechanism (pCDM)